Prinsessur is looking for opportunities to work with the community of the Greater Metropolitan Area, whether that be for a one-time event or for an ongoing partnership!

You might be thinking - what would my business do with a princess?

The answer may surprise you, princesses can be a welcome addition to all kinds of businesses!

Examples include:

Restaurants: Princess brunches, party entertainment for events

Bakeries: exclusive discounts, exclusivity to our Princess Delivery Service

Activity centres (ice skating, bowling...): party entertainment for events, themed events 

Libraries, schools: Story hours, arts and crafts...

Malls, shopping centres: regular or seasonal entertainment

Market stalls: distribution of flyers, samples

Offices, schools, kindergartens and anyone who throws annual balls and parties for their employees and families: a princess is the perfect addition to such an event

Any business: Grand openings, sponsorships/endorsements

If your business is interested in working with us, send us a message using the form below!

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