Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you'd like to know about Prinsessur and the people behind it


Where are the performers from?

While performing, our performers must not break character, but if you would like to know where they are "really" from, here is the answer:

- Maxime (Mountain Man/Pirate) is French and from Normandy

- Jess (Princesses) was born in the UK and moved to France as a child. She is now both British and French.

They met at university in Toulouse (France) and have been together since 2019.

Where do you get your outfits from?

The princesses source their clothes from a variety of sources. Some are found second-hand online, some are bought new, particularly from Angel Secret and CosSky and some elements are handmade by Jess - particularly anything made of wool.

How far in advance should I book?

We recommend booking your princess party as far in advance as possible. Our princesses are extremely popular, so the sooner we know about your party, the better! 

Why are you in Iceland?

The culmination of an obsession with Icelandic history and culture, and the better opportunities for us here.

How old is too old to invite a princess to my child's birthday?

While magic has no age limit, we recommend party princesses for children aged 3 to 8!

Does my princess party have to be at my home?

You can hold your princess party just about anywhere! Whether you’d like your own kingdom to be the venue or you’ve rented a hall, park, or other space, our princesses will be more than happy to make their grand entrance in the place of your choosing. Outdoor parties are okay as well, but we ask that you please be mindful of the conditions and have a backup plan in place should there be inclement weather.

Why did you start princessing?

Jess started out as a cosplayer (someone who makes costumes based on popular characters) who portrayed several princesses. Her friends with young children asked her to come to their children's parties in character so much that she decided to turn it into a business.

Now she and Maxime love spreading magic to the children of Iceland!

What is a party princess?

A party princess is a person who entertains children at birthday parties, often dressed as different fairy tale characters. Party princesses generally perform at private birthday parties for young girls: they sing, dance, and play with the girls, all the while maintaining a party theme based on the character they are dressed up as.


Do you offer any charitable donations or discounts?

We love spreading magic to underprivileged and less fortunate children and helping out whenever we can. We enjoy working with a variety of nonprofits and with other unique charitable situations.

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