Easter egg hunt, April 2022

Our very first Prinsessur event was our back-to-back Easter egg hunts for Easter 2022. The hunts took place in Hellisgerði, Hafnarfjordur and were made possible thanks to a generous sponsorship from Hafnarfjordur council for which we are sincerely grateful!

The first hunt took place on Friday the 15th. The wind was not on our side, but we made it work anyway - as that is the nature of living in Iceland.

The Mountain Man and Snow Princess spent the morning craftily hiding eggs around the park and were so excited when everyone showed up!

The Mountain Man acted as a scout and gave pointers to the intrepid hunters while the Snow Princess took care of base camp - giving out prizes, blowing bubbles and taking photos!

Oh and how can we forget - they met a cat! (In fact, they met about 4, but only one would pose for a photo with the Mountain Man).

On Easter Monday the sun came out and it was truly a gorgeous day for an Easter egg hunt! Even more people showed up and the Princess and the Mountain Man were rushed off their feet!

They both had such a wonderful time, and can't wait to bring magic back to Hellisgerði again soon!